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Dermatology Allergy General Physicians Of Ohio Inc

Beautiful, Healthy Skin Treatments in Ohio

If you're unhappy with your skin's appearance, let Dermatology Allergy General Physicians of Ohio, Inc. bring you treatments and/or products to improve your skin so you can love your look again.

Find the Right Procedure to Fit Your Needs

Dermatology Allergy General Physicians of Ohio, Inc. have the skin treatments you need to renew your skin, bringing it back to a vibrant, healthy look. You can choose from several different procedures that will help bring a youthful look to your skin, including:
DiamondTome Dermapeel
- Only available from trained physicians or medically-trained staff. A microexfoliation treatment that helps repair skin that has been damaged by the sun, scarring, acne, or aging. Weekly or bi-weekly treatments are needed for 6-8 weeks and maintenance treatments are needed every 2-3 months for most patients.
Glycolic Acid Peels
- Only available through a licensed professional. These in-office peels can help you to see results more quickly than in-home treatments. For smoother, healthier skin, treatments are given weekly or biweekly and use increasingly strong doses ranging from 20% to 70% for six (6) treatments with maintenance treatments every 2-3 months for most patients.

Find the Right Product to Fit Your Needs

Dermatology Allergy General Physicians of Ohio, Inc. have a range of products at their disposal to help treat minor skin issues so that you can look and feel your best without being self-conscious. Choose from a wide variety of helpful products:
  • Teamine Eye Cream - Diminishes dark circles and puffiness while smoothing fine lines around the eye.
  • Nectifirm - works from within to firm and smooth the skin on your neck
  • Latisse - Prescription treatment for hypotrichosis (short eyelashes). Latisse may help get you thicker, longer eyelashes.
  • Hydrating Eye Cream - A must for all skin types! A special blend of antioxidants and Vitamin K that helps the delicate skin around the eyes as it reduces the appearance of dark circles.
  • Lotion Series - For hydration and exfoliation. Available in two strengths of glycolic acid: 5% or 10%.
  • Cream Series: Available in three strengths of glycolic acid: 5%, 10%, or 12% for those with dry or mature skin.
  • Hydrators without glycolic acid available for a variety of skin types.