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Dermatology Allergy General Physicians Of Ohio Inc

Premier Dermatology Office in Ohio

Dermatology Allergy General Physicians Of Ohio Inc professionally diagnose, treat, and repair skin conditions making beautiful, healthy skin a reality. With over 30 years of experience in dermatology, Dr. Magdy B. Migally, M.D. and his staff guarantee each patient receives a tailored treatment for their skin type. Whether certain skin diseases run in your family and you need testing, or acne has held you back from clear, healthy skin, we have a treatment plan for you.

Who We Are

Magdy B. Migally M.D. founded Dermatology Allergy General Physicians of Ohio, Inc. in 1983 to provide the utmost care and precision you need to have healthy gorgeous skin. If you've been dealing with skin issues, you don't have to suffer indefinitely! Get the information you need regarding dermatological treatments from our skilled and trained staff. Dissatisfied with your skin, let our staff bring you the treatments and products you need to bring back your confidence.